Screen size: 4.8 m x 2.8 m
Screen resolution: P-8
LED screen type: Outdoor SMD

Extension: YES, hydraulic telescope
Rotation: YES, hydraulic rotation, 360° around its axis
LED screen bottom edge height at maximum extension: 3 m

Total vehicle weight: 3500 kg

Overall vehicle length: 6.4 m
Overall vehicle width: 2.4 m
Width when supports are extended (in case of high winds): 3.2 m
Total transport height of the vehicle: 3.5 m
Total height at maximum screen extension: 5.6 m

Electrical power requirements: 380V, 16A, five-pin socket

In some cases, an integrated 8kW diesel generator can be used

Video signal inputs: HDMI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI, PAL, VGA, DVI


Mobile screen border, advertising and brand

At events, the mobile screen can be hidden behind the mobile fencing and thus provide additional advertising space for the presentation of partners. Standard fence panels 343 x 200 cm are used for this purpose.
One fence panel encloses the front or rear of the vehicle,
2 fence panels enclose one side of the vehicle,
6 fence panels enclose the entire perimeter of the vehicle.
The fence panels and advertising tarpaulins are always provided by the client at his own expense, including transport to the venue.


Looking for a large screen LED projection? Do you need to provide live streaming at the venue or on the internet? Would you like to promote your company, product or activity? Contact us and take advantage of our MOBILE SCREENING!

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