What are you asking us?

Yes, our MOBILE LED SCREEN is fully waterproof, so it doesn't mind even normal rain, snow or normal wind. However, in the event of a sudden storm, hail, torrential rain or windstorm, we reserve the right to interrupt work and protect the screen along with other equipment from damage.

Yes, our MOBILE LED SCREEN is equipped with the latest SMD LED technology, which excels in high luminance and clear image even under direct sunlight.
Of course, it must be taken into account that the image in direct sunlight is less contrasty compared to the image in shade or darkness.
We can also control the intensity of the LED screen depending on the ambient light conditions so that it does not glare in the dark.

For smooth parking and for the installation of the MOBILE SCREEN we need a space with a length of at least 7m and a width of at least 3m. If the maximum possible height of the extension is used, a space of at least 7m in height must be taken into account. The advantage is that the vehicle can be parked independently of the direction of the projection area. Thanks to the swivel system, the large LED screen can be rotated to the desired viewing angle.
The minimum clearance height is 3.5m.
The MOBILE SCREEN can be installed on uneven surfaces or even on a slight slope.

Yes, thanks to its size and weight, the MOBILE LED SCREEN can be placed indoors, for example in sports halls, exhibition halls, production halls, etc.
However, it is necessary to ensure a clearance height of 3.5m.
We always install special pads under the hydraulic legs to protect any floor from damage

We can connect any image source to our MOBILE LED SCREEN SYSTEM (computer, laptop, transmission car, cameras, image overhead output, etc.).
We can process advertising loops from any commonly used format (Jpeg, MP4, Powerpoint).
The aspect ratio is 16:9.
We have the following video inputs: HDMI, HD/SD SDI, DVI, component video, VGA.

He doesn't have to. All the client has to do is provide the documents and we will process the final materials.
We can process advertising loops from any commonly used format (Jpeg, MP4, Powerpoint).
The aspect ratio is 16:9

Yes, we can locally sound the MOBILE LED SCREEN for a smaller space. If you require sound for larger areas, we recommend working with a professional sound engineer. We can provide connectivity between the mobile screen and the sound engineer.


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